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Why Choose Cookie Cutter?

Cookie Cutter is fully aligned with the 2017 financial bill, and removes the stress of running a business. We review and integrate the latest announcements from HMRC into the CookieCutter model; allowing you more time to run your business without the worry of falling foul of any new tax rules or administrative hassle.

We believe we can beat any existing umbrella solution out there whilst keeping you compliant with the latest contractor tax laws. We are not a tax avoidance scheme; you achieve income advantages through efficiency of joining CookieCutter. There are no loopholes trying to be jumped through here, only improvements for your business through partnership.
CookieCutter makes your life easier. We take over the time-consuming administrative side of your business, leaving you free to work with your clients without the increasing worry and hassle of running a compliant company.


Simply fill in the registration form and we can go from there. We will contact you and go through the simple onboarding process to get you up and running immediately without fuss.

We provide a simple guide to the simple procedures we operate such as timesheet and expense submissions and your payments.

We will set you up with your own area on our secure portal, giving you easy access to your financial summaries and right to work employment documentation.

Our Process

Tried and tested invoice to cash processes are automated but also have built-in reconciliation point checks to ensure no mistakes are made. We will send you monthly payslips and your real-time P11D position so you always know exactly how much you have earned.

After 6th April 2016 new restrictions will be placed on those whose contracts fall under the Supervision, Direction, Control or “SDC” banner. CookieCutter will direct you whether these will apply on a contract by contract basis.
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