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Our service does not use schemes, loopholes or off-shore elements 
There are no tax advantages just income advantages through our efficient operations
 We believe we can beat any existing umbrella solution out there whilst keeping you compliant with the latest contractor tax laws 
Guaranteed IR35 compliance 
Straight-forward, clean, honest service
You're in safe hands...
As contractors with many decades of contracting experience between us we have probably come across and dealt with most issues that can arise. You can always talk to us; your call will be answered by a real person who will help you there and then or pass you to one of our expert staff.

You're always insured...
At CookieCutter we handle the heavy lifting freeing you from the growing complexity of compliance and administration of running a business, this includes all relevant insurance and right to work.

You're always compliant...
Our expert team complete your invoicing, tax returns (VAT / NIC and Corporation Tax) and statutory reporting on time, every time. You are free to concentrate on your what you do best.

You're in control...
Most umbrella solutions force you into a workstyle which may not suit your needs. CookieCutter offers you a choice. When you talk to us we will work with you to find the solution which is right for you. Our services are applicable across all industries.

Private and Public Sector Umbrella Services
CookieCutter offers Public and Private Sector umbrella companies. This legal separation is used to demonstrate further difference between the two market sectors providing a change in working practice to help with IR35 compliance. Prices are as or better than the prevailing market rates.

Limited Company Services
CookieCutter’s offering is unique in the market. To provide genuine substitution and supervision, where the commercial need exists, CookieCutter will employ Directors and provide a shareholding in the parent company as required. To maintain compliance this must be on a case by case basis.

Contractor Accounting
CookieCutter will assess a contractor’s aspirations with their expected working conditions to advise on their probable IR35 Status. From here CookieCutter can provide appropriate company set-up and accounting services.
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